Vaa Vaa Vinayaga( A new meaning for Ganapati Story)

This is my first blog..yipee..I sat gleefully in front of my laptop and started to type. I had already thought of a topic to write on. Just when my finger touched the keypad.

”mummy..paining..winky..winky at my back..”

“what?”(ok before I could start, I had to leave for a short commercial break..)Atlast I sat again in the evening. Disturbance again. And again and then again. Oh lord..what is this? I cried in despair and finally slept off. In my dreams he came. Who? Whom I called in despair.

“Malar.wake up.”


“(M)ada..malarae..wake up..”

“huh..who is it?”

“See properly..can’t you recognize me. I am such a big form.” He shone his bright golden light like a torch on me. For a second I went blind and then I saw him. Lord Ganesha in all his glory.

“Oh my god! ganesha?”

“yeah ..but I am everyone’s god my dear”

“why.what do you want?”

“What do I want? Hmm. Interesting!.. it’s normally the other way round.”

“Oh.. wait wait.. I mean.. you suddenly came in front of me.. I don’t even pray you everyday”


“ok. Not even once in a month..alright. so why are you here?”

“Because, I do want something from you.”

“From me?”

“Yes.. I heard that you just got your blog access in IL where these lovely ladies lounge by.”

“yeeaah??”I was suddenly cautious.

“So, you have thought of your first blog topic?”

“oh yes. I am gonna write about my college day experience”

“Seriously? You think you are big enough to write your own autobiography?”

“I thought it would be like an advice message post”

“ Advice? You? Isn’t it hilarious even for you? Oh my dear girl, not even your kids listen to your advice and you know that right?”

“yeah.” I sighed.

“ok. How about a deal? I will give you a nice topic, which I hope you would write crisp and clean not like that train of sentences of yours. It will never ever reach its destination.”

“Ok . I got it. So what’s the deal for me?”

“May be you will get a good readership” he winked at me.

“Right.. shoot up..what’s that interesting topic?”

“you write about me”he said


“Yeah.. don’t you know that you are supposed start everything with me? This is your first blog. So it should be about me.”

“Oh come on. Everyone in the world knows about you. there is nothing new to write about you?”

“Then find something new.” He smiled

“uhmm..time’s up. I Will catch you up later. And please do a good job. Don’t spoil my name”

“pillayarappa one minute… of all why did you choose me?” I was beaming..oh he had chosen me of all..

“Simple. Because, only you had selected such a torturous topic to write about. I had to save the readers too you know...’ ஒரே கல்லுல...ரெண்டு மாங்கா’(two fruits in a single shot) he sang and vanished.

Write something new about him eh? Or what if I say the same thing about him in a new way? Suddenly the story I read some time back in some guruji’s blog which was stored safely in the back of my mind came like a flash.

Ok..I will tell that story(not mine mind you..all credits goes to whatever guruji who wrote it)

Oh my god, I have already wasted more than a page in the introduction. So let us jump straight into what he had asked me to do. I will try to write it in telegram style so that I won’t end up with overflow of words.

Ganapati Birth Story.. The ususal

Parvati was very dirty. (Poor thing. She must have been busy taking care of all her earthly kids - us). So she wanted to take bath.

Before taking bath she scraped all the dirt from her body and made a beautiful boy out of it (some dirt she had). Since she was the ‘aadhishakti’ she even gave life to the boy. (what an easy way to give birth?)

She now asked the boy to keep an eye on the door from outside and went on bathing singing her favorite number. Now our hero (ok hero’s father) shiva came. He looked at the new boy.

“Hey kid. Who are you? I haven’t seen you here before. New to the block?”

“No. I am parvati’s son” the boy claimed.

Shiva was shocked (எப்ப?சொல்லவே இல்ல?) “what the heck. I didn’t know ”.
the boy didn’t let him in and so he chopped the little boy’s head off.(yeah..Those days there were no child harassment laws or no 911.).When Parvati came out she saw what had happened and got angry and then cried.

“Oh dear.. please don’t cry. I can’t see you cry” shiva felt bad and he swiftly chopped off an innocent elephant’s head (அதுக்கு அன்னிக்கு வடக்கே சூலம் போல.)
and placed it in our hero’s head and voila ganapati was born. Parvati cried over a weird looking boy.

“oh my god.. now who will marry my son? Or worse who will worship my son?”

“Ok dear, hereupon I will make an emergency law that anybody and everybody should start anything even their prayers with our son. Now are you ok?”

Yeah.. this is the usual story. I have never told my son this story of ganesha. I know what will happen If I tell him.

He will look at me like “You didn’t get anyone else in IL to kill.?”( ஆடு சிக்கலயோ?)

But this new episode will be good enough for anybody who is a question govindan..

Ganapati Birth Story – The Real Meaning.

Parvati is the mother of whole universe. She is the symbolic representation of spiritual awakening,
the celebration of our consciousness.

She was dirty - meaning that the celebration was gone. The universe had forgotten its spiritual existence and has lost the theory of spiritual oneness. So she had to take bath. She had to clean the dirt and make the universe in the usual state.

She scraped her dirt- meaning she merely gathered the dirt called ‘ego’ and made it into a child. So the child ‘ego’ was waiting near the door when shiva came.

Now we know shakti is the mother of universe. Shiva was the protector of shakti herself. He saw her with her ego standing in front(before) of her-meaning that the universe is losing its real purpose and wisdom, because of this ego standing in front.

So he chopped his head off- meaning that he destroyed the ego and he replaced the head and budhdhi of an elephant. Elephant is a beautiful animal. It’s the symbol of prosperity. Not only that, its a symbol of wisdom and knowledge.

So when shiva replaced the head, he just replaced the ego and ignorance with that of strength, wisdom and knowledge.

Wow..amazing isn’t it. Wait.. that’s not all.

Ganesha – sankata hara – means the one who destroys all our obstacles right?

Yes, what obstacle would come in the way of pure wisdom. Once wisdom is dawned on you all your problems melt away like a dewdrop in front of the sunshine.
His huge stomach indicates his all accepting nature but the ‘naagaparanam’ tells us that he accepts all but with the awareness of a snake. That is he will take you under his wings, not passively but in a participating way.
He has several hands. One holds the sweet mothak. One has a rope and one has a poke and the other a blessing hand.
The mothak hand calls us. We go near him to eat the sweet of knowledge. He lure you to him and once we are near, he ties us up with the rope(probably while we are eating). There is no way to escape from that-meaning that once Wisdom has dawned, you can never really go back to whatever you used to be!
And even while having all the Knowledge and Wisdom, we might feel unhappy or miserable. This is when he pokes you to wake you up to Reality (remember the snake? He accepts you as you are, doesn't cast you away, but takes action after acceptance) And sometimes if the poking is too much for you and you try to run away (you can't dear, He has got you tied with the rope!)

And so Lord Ganesha binds you sweetly and firmly to Himself!

He is Vinayaka.

Vi + nayaka = The peerless leader. He reports to no one. Not even to shiva parvati (lucky kid haan?)

And this is the real meaning behind the ganesha birth story.

I hope we can all tell this story to our kids without the fear of getting stares …yeah you got it..

So Good luck ladies and please don't forget to give your valuable feedbacks. I need to get back to my boss Mr. Vinayaga.. …

“Moola muthar porulae saranam saranam…”

************************************************** ******
P.S to pillayarappa: Oh lord ganapati. I did my best. Please..increase my readership.

ஏதோ உன்னால முடிஞ்ச அளவுக்கு புள்ளைகள இங்க வந்து படிக்க வையப்பா

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Me and Microsoft sam

It started on one fine morning when I decided that I was going to be a great writer( it.Now don't throw that on me please. it will only shatter your screen) one day and thought that I shouldn't be wasting my time typing away(what a lazy goose? and what a lame excuse).

So I fumbled with google and found a perfect software, the one I thought was just made for me.

It required me to download it and do all the blah..blah..blah.

Well, i did them all and happily settled down to get myself a hands free computer experience.

Geared up with state of art microphone headset, I sat before my laptop/pc.

I pulled up the newly installed software from the drive and started the warming up process.

It asked me several silly questions for which i giggled like a school kid and answered delightfully.

Then came the familiarization process.

It asked me to make myself familiar with the voice recognition. The first step was to practice giving voice commands to open and close windows.

"yeah right,,come on baby.." I whistled to myself and sat upright..

I had selected microsoft sam (
u might know that to be a popular automated male voice from microsoft) as my guide.
So the process started.

" are going to make a voice command now. After the beep please doc. This will open a new ms word document."

"open doc.."

"you said opne dec. Please say open doc."

"o..p..e..n d..o..c"

"you said..aoepen doaeke. Please say open doc."
this went on for a while..

"please say open doc."

(I finally got that my taminglish accent was too difficult for sam to catch.To think back few of my western friends commented me on having a very light accent or should I say slang? while speaking in english . Whatever, So with all my senses working together to get the damn thing right, i said) "open doc".

"you said opin dark. please say open doc."


"you said. right ugh..please say open doc."

"ம்கும் இது மட்டும் கரெக்டா வருது "(this alone you got correctly).

"you said mempjunk..idlepidle mutter karata ward huh. please say open doc.."
by now i was.

I :
"get lost you idiot "

"you said, gat last your idiyurt.please say open doc.."

"அட நாசமாப்போனவனே! அதத் தானடா நா அப்பலேர்ந்து சொல்றேன்.ஆணியே புடுங்க வேண்டாம். போய்த் தொல.."(you ### that is what I am telling you from the first. enough. get lost)"

" you said, ad hock nasmap omnivan, adah antenna upwards soldering. onion put with am pork doll.please say open doc."


that was me shutting down the system.


me again, throwing away the nearest thing I could find and also my dream of voice operated ms word.


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