The Judgement Day

“Mommy..Mommy wake up. It will be late for school” Chitra was shouting at the top of her voice and was jumping on the bed in her red pajamas.
Kriya tried really hard to pry open her eyes. ‘God! it stings’ she thought. She turned towards the clock.

The clock blinked 7.13AM.

9.15 AM

Kriya was standing near the French window watching the morning crowd scurrying along for their daily routines.

From their fifth floor apartment she could distinctly see their ‘Oh I am so late. I will be damned’ faces somewhat vaguely. She smiled to herself and felt grateful for not being one among them. Thanks to her husband Mithun who always accepted all her decisions, She was a home maker from the beginning for the past seven years and she immensely enjoyed it.

“Jai ho….” A.R rahman announced her of an incoming call. Kriya looked at the calling number and smiled at once.

“Yep. Doomtard of India. Good morning how is doom life coming?”
Kriya teased her twin sister Maya.

“Kriya. Listen carefully. Call aththaan(bro-in-law) and tell him to meet you at the KL airport. Go to school pick up Chitra . All three of you take the next possible flight to India, to delhi. DO IT NOW…”

“whoah…whoah..easy there ..easy there... What has happened? ”

“Kriya, please heed my advice. Move now..”

“Care to tell me why?” Kriya settled down on the love seat carefully throwing her still wet hair behind the head rest.

“Idiot..It is happening. The D day has come.”

“What D day? U mean dooms day kind of D day. Oh! come on Maya. It is too stretchy even for you.”Kriya complained.

“Kriya. Listen. Yesterday at about 8.10 AM GST time strong solar flares were observed. To be specific 14 M flares Followed by 2 X type flares came out continuously from the sun. The last one was quite large, larger than the sun. And unfortunately the last two faced earth. We all hoped to god that it will go past earth without making much damage as it always is the case for most of the solar flares.

But this time around the earth’s magnetosphere was totally f***** up because of the already emitted CMEs and so it was very vulnerable. Result the first X flare just hit earth in all its glory.”

“ in layman terms please..”

“S*** Kriya will you stop asking questions once in your life and listen to me.” Kriya could hear Maya crying on the other side. She was really shocked at her sister’s reaction. Maya was a definite Doomtard alright but she was so just for fun. She knew that her sister never really feared that a day would come for people to just pack up and run.

“Maya..But nothing such is coming up in TV or internet in news.”

“Kriya..Please.. It will not come. It was meant to be that way. But they all Know. NASA knows. ISRO knows. Those bloody Russians and Chinese NATO every bloody  government knows.They are trying to cover it up, in fact they have deleted all the images relating to that from the space weather websites to block it from the Public domain.

It is not just the flares.They are just indicators. They are getting serious because of something else..something big. It is coming our way and it is totally going to mess up our magnetosphere.

People will not know until it happens to them. The emergency broadcast will come only at the last minute and by that time there really is no use or not a chance to escape. I am telling you now.”

“When will it happen and what will happen if it is to happen?”

“It is happening already. It started a month ago slowly when the first set of strong flares started out from sun on February. It was noted that the normal solar sunspot cycle was getting weirder. But now it is confirmed that it is so because of the interference of the third object. something bigger than Jupiter is coming close to our Sun and to us."

"That Nibiru thing you said earlier? But that was Sumerian legend right?"

"Whatever that was, I don't care. we now see a f****** big ball right behind the sun and it really is getting seriously close. And there had been so much efforts put to make it look like nothing is happening. They are literally hiding that big giant with words of denial.People who are in the know are preparing themselves, just like us.

Look,the earth is like this soccer ball. The magnetic field is like the stitches on them. The more the pressure on the stitches it will weaken and it will gradually result in…"

“Stitches getting torn off?”

“Exactly! The magnetic field ruptures is just a prelude for a major pole shift. The symptoms are already too obvious if you looked closely. The mass sardine fish death in California, The fish death incident in Western Australia, the various earth quakes in Mexico, USA, continuous tremors in yellow stone area, earth quake of New Zealand and the very recent earthquakes of Japan and the one in china. All of these were due to the earth magnetic field getting affected by this new sun and so awakening the volcanoes and wobbling the tectonic plates.

And very soon it will become worse. All tectonic plates will start getting unstable, every volcano on earth in land and under water will erupt and tsunamis will occur. And all this will happen in less than a day's time. And the worst part is that bloody thing is still far off but it might get too close too soon. Believe me, I am pretty damn sure that  the last big X flare is the tipping point to trigger of the biggest catastrophe the human civilization has ever witnessed. All these are going to happen sometime in these few days as that bloody thing hit the earth. Not weeks my dear but days,could even be in hours. I don't know. ”

“And do you think we can save us from all that by coming over to India to Delhi?”

“Kriya. We have a safe place way over up on Ladakh for us. It is all settled. All you have to do is just fly up here. Please..”

“God.. Maya.. You are really getting paranoid”

“KRIYA..shut up and GET OUT OF THERE NOW. If you don’t believe me wait there. When you see two more earth quakes it is the last chance for you to move your a** off from there. The Indian plate is already in motion with Australian plate. It will push half of Australia into water and there will a major tsunami and not even your god can save Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia where my darling sister is living. Do you get it you idiot?”

“Maya..I..” Maya had already ended the call.

Kriya was spellbound. What is she supposed to do now? Is she to believe her sister who though is a doomtard is a brilliant woman working in God knows where now(because she keeps switching job locations) and has spent most of her lifetime studying the sky.

How can she say this to her beloved husband who always makes the first laugh at all her sister’s conspiracy concepts. Confused in mind Kriya went about her works in half mind.

3.30 PM.

Chitra was watching cartoon and Kriya was browsing the net when she got a message form Maya. It just had a link of an Australian media website. Kriya clicked on it and was shocked.

The headlines said - Breaking news: An earthquake of 7.5M hit around New Zealand's alpine fault with epicenter  located in the ocean. Tsunami warnings have been issued for Australia and other parts.

She ran to the TV and changed it to news. All the news channels showed nothing but the Earthquake which was said to be the worst in the history to ever hit New Zealand . It showed of toppled buildings and people running in fear. Flash news said Tsunami of 75 mtrs approx height had just hit the west coast of Australia and... Kriya's mind was reeling She couldn't watch this anymore. Pictures of destrcution came in like flashcards in her mind. She switched off the TV and ran inside.

Kriya was literally trembling and her heart started to thump faster. Could this be true? Is this possible? Is this really the end of world?

5.30 PM

She was totally distracted. She was mixing batter for chappatis when her phone buzzed of a message. She checked the message and saw that it was another one containing a link.

With shaking hands she clicked the link which took her to a Chinese or Korean website. She couldn’t read anything but the big bold letters of 8.4M at 5.15 pm was crystal clear. A vivid picture of toppling buildings and the ground totally broken into two halfs like a biscuit followed it. Kriya ran to Mithun who was reading malay mail.

She explained everything in brief and started to cry. Mithun sat there silently for some time. Kriya knew Mithun would never believe in stuff like this. She was so devastated especially because even she didn’t know what she really had to believe anymore.

Mithun silently rose from the seat and took out documents suitcase from above and retrieved their passports.

Kriya smiled beneath her tears and hugged him.


Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi.

Kriya and family walked sleepily towards the entrance with just one huge baggage.
They managed to book seats in Kingfisher airlines that would fly them to Leh, the capital of Ladakh. 

 The whole airport looked  unnaturally busy at that time of the night but the lounge where they sat it was very quite.The few who were loitering here and there were not in the least looked like they knew about the earth and its fateful journey towards doomsday. But they were all speaking about the earthquakes only.

Still Kriya felt like the biggest fool on earth. Mithun didn’t say anything. All he had to say about it was “Well. We are due to a holiday anyways. We might as well have it in Ladakh.”

They sat waiting in the business class lounge of KF airlines. Mithun and chitra had dozed off. Kriya was frantically trying for her sister.

Atlast she got her "Maya we are waiting to take the KF flight for Leh."

"Good! I will meet you there in the airport entrance. Be safe" Maya had cut the line. Kriya was sitting sleepless.

Suddenly the few stewardess who were there, gathered in front of the TV. Kriya moved towards them. The woman in the TV looked shocked and was back dropped by a smoky mountain scene.

“raise the volume” someone said.

“It is feared that further eruption or increase in the fissure crack might lead to the eruption of the complete super volcano. We have Mr. Bob Smith from the University of Utah, a longtime expert in Yellowstone's volcanism with us on this.

Tell us Bob,what could go wrong at this point of time." the anchor woman asked the geek guy.

"Well its a little worrying because just a few weeks ago we recorded the magma level to be under 10km depth. But today we had this fissure eruption which tells us that the magma had reached up since then and in a totally unexpected speed. If this continues, it is a very critical position to think?”

“What? you mean dooms day critical?” the anchor laughed at him. Bob smiled awkwardly without saying anything. 

Just then the anchor woman cupped her hand to her ear as if she was listening to something, probably her earphone and then said" Ok we just had news that Hawaii was hit by 8.1M earthquake.Tsunamis alert has been issued to west coast California" she squeaked.

Kriya closed her eyes. Oh Lord..she thought.


Kriya couldn’t divert her eyes elsewhere. The view was breathtaking. The snow capped mountains glistened in the early morning sun which was eerily red. But apart from all that Kriya did feel something odd. very odd. She couldn’t quite put a finger on it. The sun was too bright to spot and it was not morning yellow but morning orange.

They finally landed on the smallest airstrip she had ever seen . While they were pushing off their luggage towards the entrance they could see commotion among people. they then clustered towards one side and were talking.

“what is happening?” she asked someone close by.

“ Oh don’t you know? Just now seconds ago,Telecommunication went off. It is dead. Totally dead. No body knows what is happening where. My stupid phone is not working” he exclaimed and went on.

Kriya’s heart beat faster. What could have happened if it occured minutes ago when they were still flying? Could it have affected them?

“Mithun it is happening. Search for Maya”



“Thank God you reached before sat com off. I was worried to death of that."

“what is going on Maya?”

" X flare hit damaged the electronics world wide. No satellites, no phones, no TV channels and planes. Not even your digital watch will work. Come come.. this way” She pulled them off to a green camouflaged truck."Come on, we don’t have time.”

“It is in full swing Kriya. We have to go, it is an hour travel by jeep and then we have to climb for fifteen minutes. we might still miss the chance of survival. We might expect meteor shower any minute now.”

“What is this place we are going to?”


“tell me Maya”

“It is a government bunker. Secret Bunker”

“How come you are in it?”

“I work for it Maya. I have been for a really long time. I just couldn’t tell you all of the coming danger straight away but I was trying to warn you in all possible ways. Anyways I have arranged for us there. Come on we need to move on”

Kriya pulled her hands off.”What have you done? You knew and you didn’t say that to public?”

“What? you think they would have believed me? Did YOU believe me? Tell me akka?”

“But you certainly had proofs.”

“Not ground breaking ones. And if I had given them out I would probably be dead and decayed by now and the best part- people will still not believe anything. This is not a sex scandal to just show a video footage as proof. This is huge. Even then people were trying to warn us for years now. I even had a blog page under proxy by which I was telling everything I knew. You think people believed?
You ..You called me doomtard didn’t you? Now look who got the last laugh..ha..haa.” Maya had become hysterical.

Kriya shook her head, “No…we need to tell these people..these innocent people..they need to know”

“Watch me"Maya said and climbed up on the roof of a nearby sumo with carrier.

“Listen people…”She said in hindi. She related the truth in simple terms.

“Please get to safe positions. Somewhere underground which is better than on ground but not best or better yet get to high above the hills. The water will come. Meteor shower will follow.”

“from where?” Someone asked.

“Water from down under, Indian ocean..Meteor from above. And anything else might come too. Signal messed up planes too might end up on our heads.”

There was a burst of laughter  “Earthquakes are happening in western countries only not here na? Don't panic" one guy said to her with concern and or sarcasm in his voice.

While another said "We watched 2012 last year itself” and they all laughed.That was it, everybody moved to carry on their mundane tasks.

“There you happy now? Just come along” she pulled her sister into the jeep.

One hour of rickety ride in silence. The weather had become notably weird. It was becoming redder every minute. At the end of travel they got down near a metal gate.Maya showed her id and their passports and a special letter which she retrieved from her pocket to a man waiting near the gate. They then all together moved on further ahead.

They were climbing without speaking to each other. Mithun an athlete had carried chitra and had climbed faster. They were nearing the top. Kriya could see the small opening of a concrete style.There were several other such doors. there were two small hard glass windows near every door. It was like a long narrow concrete stretch with lots of similar openings that nestled under a hill near its foot.

"It's under a hill. Is it safe from landslides avalanches and all?"

"Believe me. It is Doom safe. Totally. It is not just a bunker but if necessary it can also change into a ship." Maya said. They were walking on a thin board bridge towards one of those entrances.

It was then she noticed it. A continuous sound of roar. She could hear squeals from above the deck. She slowly turned her head and saw it. It took some time to believe what she saw.

A huge
(huge was a microbial word to describe what she just saw) wave was coming towards them just submerging everything on its way, the ice melted and slid along with the water like the ice cubes in milkshake. The people and houses and cars looked like speck of dust moving in the huge curl of water. The sky had become scorching red with a huge red giant of a ball suddenly visible like a half eaten apple right behind the sun. It looked like they had two suns now. Thousands of tiny fire balls fell down in distance like a shower of fireballs. A black ominous dark smoky cloud was fast approaching. The land shook violently once and she lost grip. She fell down into a gutter 12 feet deep.
The water was coming fast.

”Akkaa…Akkaa…”Maya was shouting from inside the slanting building slamming hard on the glass window. Mithun was trying to jump down but was violently pulled inside by others. They threw a rope hanging ladder near her through the still open narrow door. She knew she had to rush. She tried hard.

The rocky cliff scathed her soft palms. She gritted her teeth and pulled herself up. She didn’t look back but could hear it very close. She climbed up and was about to catch the guard’s outstretched hand when her feet got swept off. The window pane was closed. She saw Maya sobbing and pounding on the hard glass. Mithun standing shell shocked. She saw Chitra one last time before icy water engulfed her and took her for a really long ride.

She could vaguely hear the shouts.

“Mommy..Mommy wake up. It will be late for school” Chitra was shouting at the top of her voice and was jumping on the bed in her red pajamas.

Kriya sat up with a start.She turned to the clock.
The clock blinked 7.13AM.

P.S :
This was written and posted on march 10th in my other blog and hence doesn't mention japan earthquake incidents in it except for the fore shocks.

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